Lahmajoun SEVAN - Armenian Pizza

We deliver lahmajoun

For special occasion, we provide local delivery service (Laval, Montreal) of lahmajoun and other our products.

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About Lahmajoun Sevan

About Lahmajoun Sevan

Established since 1987, Lahmajoun Sevan was the first bakery in the greater Montreal area to produce Armenian pizza such as Lahmajoun, Zaatar, etc. This family business is led by the couple Arthur Yeghyazarian and Tereza Palyan who established the company's philosophy and chose the strategy for its development.

To choose the products and the recipes, a deep study of Armenian kitchen has been done by the owners. The recipes used in Lahmajoun Sevan are traditional Armenian recipes coming originally from centuries and from several historic Armenian regions. The adjustment of these recipes for the Quebec market has made Lahmajoun Sevan’s products very popular for the different international communities of the region.

Today, Lahmajoun Sevan’s products are included in the daily menus of several Montreal and Laval schools and CECs. Also, several restaurants in Laval and Montreal use the products of Lahmajoun Sevan.

The products of Lahmajoun Sevan

Lahmajouns - Armenian pizza